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Oregon 33" Reduced Weight Chainsaw Bar # 338RWDD009

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Part Number:OR-338RWDD009
Oregon 33"Reduced Weight Chainsaw Bar #338RWDD009

Longer chainsaw bars can feel particularly nose heavy, especially as the day wears on. Oregon has come up with an ingenious solution to the problem with these reduced weight Power Match bars. These bars are made by milling out the center of an Oregon PRO bar and filling the core with lightweight aluminum. The result is a professional bar up to 25% lighter than the original counterpart. The aluminum core is riveted in place, so it doesn't pop out easily when flexed. These bars will bend easier than a standard bar, but they are a whole lot easier on your back at the end of the day.Features•Extremely tough, makes work easier without reducing durability•Lubri-Dam oil-retaining feature prevents oil from running out the bar's tail, keeps more oil on the bar and chain.•Lubri-Jet oil holes reduce oil-hole plugging and enhance bar-chain lubrication•Patented Cradle nose sprocket design increases sprocket-nose life by 150% to 300%

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