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Oregon Arborol 100 ML Bar and Chain Oil

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Part Number:OR-54-060
Oregon Arborol 100 ML Bar and Chain Oil
  • Replaces Part Numbers Oregon Arborol
  • Pack Size 1
  • Item Type : 100 ML Bar and Chain Oil
  • Description : Description: 100Ml Bottle Of Arborol, Makes 500mlNew Arborol? chain oil from OREGON? is made from specially processed renewable vegetable oils and emulsifiers.A 1 : 4 mix of Arborol? and plain water provides superior lubricating and cooling performance when compared tostandard mineral chain oils. This ingenious concentrate cools and lubricates using unique "magnetic" moleculeswhich are attracted to the contacting metal surfaces. Arborol? is a direct replacement for regular chain oils, soyou can instantly switch to Arborol? with no need to modify your chainsaw in any way. Switching to Arborol?brings you a host of benefits:Extended component life ?Arborol? lubrication cools the chainsaw c ? utting system moreeffectively than regular chain oil, meaning longer life for both chain and bar. Oregon? fieldand laboratory trials show a dramatic reduction in bar temperature, reducedchain stretch and less wear than with conventional chain and bar oils.? Significantly less deposits in guide bar and drive assemblies. The drive sprocket housingwill stay cleaner. None of the sticky mess associated with conventional chain oils.? Reduced down-time ? Because it is mainly composed of water,Arborol? cools the chain as it lubricates. This means that it requires lessadjustment and can be sharpened immediately after use.? Better for the environment. By using Arborol? you will be playing your part inhelping the environment. Because Arborol? is vegetable-based it is 97% biodegradableand completely non-toxic to animals, fish and plant life.? More pleasant to work with ? The burnt-oil smellassociated with regular chain oils is eliminated.? Better for you - Vegetable-based products do not havethe carcinogens found in some mineral oils.
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