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Oregon 10" Double Guard Chainsaw Bar # 100SDEA218

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Part Number:OR-100SDEA218
Oregon 10" Double Guard Chainsaw Bar # 100SDEA218

Double Guard bars are common with woodcutters using electric or small gasoline-powered chainsaws and pole pruners. Small radius nose helps reduce kickback. The slim symmetrical contour is light in weight, maneuverable, and reversible for added

life. The Oregon Double Guard bar has a patented cradle nose sprocket design which increases sprocket-nose life. It also has Lubri-Dam oil-retaining feature which prevents oil from running out the bar's tail, keeps more oil on the bar and chain for optimum performance from your chainsaw. Oregon Double Guard 91 chainsaw bars only run 3/8" pitch low profile chainsaw chain.

This bar uses 39 drive links of 3/8" low profile chain

Fits the following models:

  • Alpina/Castor: 330, 380, 432, 438, E 1.8 Electric, P34-S
  • Black & Decker: 8312, 8314
  • Dayton: 4Z971, 4Z972
  • Maruyama Polesaws: MC-PL10, MC-PS10
  • Montgomery Ward: TMY24062, TMY24064, TMY24066, TMY24068
  • Power Pruner/Echo Power Pruner: PP300, PP400, PP600, PP800, PP1200, PP1250, PP1260, PP1400, PP1400-D, PPF-210, PPF-211, PPF-2100, PPT-230, PPT-231, PPT-260, PPT-261, PPT-2100, PPF-2400, PPSR-2122, PPSR-2433, PPT-2400
  • RedMax Polesaws: PRO GZ25N, PSZ 2500S

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