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Carlton Chainsaw Chain

About Carlton Chainsaw Chains:
Carlton's quality auditors are as tough as the chains they build. They inspect all phases of the manufacturing process to some of the tightest tolerances in the industry.
  • Nickel Alloy Steel: All Carlton drive links and cutters are fabricated from special alloy steel. This specially engineered steel adds toughness, abrasive restance and ductility in all kinds of climates.
  • Hypodermic Lubrication: All Carlton saw chain is injected at the rivet bearings with a hypoid lubricant for longer chain life in the field,
  • Exclusive Honed Sharp Cutters: Every Carlton saw chain is sharpened after assembly to cut fast right out of the box. You can feel the difference.
  • Roto Blasting: All Carlton saw chain cutters, drive links and bumper links are shot peened fro increased tensile strength.
  • Industrial Chrome Plating: All Carlton saw chain cutters are plated with hard industrial crome. This process yields superior edge-holding qualities to other types of plating. In the field, Carlton saw chain stays sharp longer.
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