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Arbor Plex Climbing Line by Samson, 12-strand 14mm (1/2" ) x150'

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Part Number:B1AP50150PB
Arbor Plex Climbing Line by Samson, 12-strand 14mm (1/2" ) x150'
Arbor-Plex was the first synthetic rope designed specifically for the arborist industry and remains one of the best values in climbing lines today. Arbor-Plex has a weave of polyester and polyolefin fibers that make it incredibly light weight and very mildew resistant. The 12-strand weave is naturally twist resistant, and signature green stripe assures that any twist in the line is easily detectable. Rope has a nubby feel when new, but it quickly "furs up" with wear and tear. It has excellent knot-holding ability, works well when wet, and is a widely used rigging line. 120' hank of rope weighs 8.15lbs (3.7kg). 
Rope Construction 12-strand (Class 1)
Single Braid Diameter 1/2" (14mm)
Weight 6.8 lbs/100 ft (10.1kg/100m)
Specific Gravity 1.18
Average Breaking Strength 6,000 lbs (2,700 kg)
Minimum Breaking Strength 5,400 lbs (2,400 kg)
Elongation at 10%
Average Breaking Strength 3% @ 10% Load (600 lbs)
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