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36" Cut Decks


We offer two styles of Wright Stander  Lawn mower blade for the 36" Decks . 


High Lift Wright Stander  Lawn Mower blade - High Lift blades are type of lawn mower blades that would have came on your Wright Stander  lawn mower when you bought it new. The back edge of the Wright Stander  mower blade is curled up to create air movement that stands up the grass for a cleaner cut and allows the grass to leave the mower deck. For standard cutting this is the best choice of an Wright Stander  lawn mower blade.


Gator Mulcher Blade for Wright Stander  - Gator mulcher Blade for the Wright Stander  Lawn Mower comes in 3 different types. First they are all 3 n 1 style blades meaning you can use the for every day cutting , Mulching grass as you cut and use with grass catchers. Now the Gators blades when used on the Wright Stander  lawn mower are the best when you want to mulch grass but will do other cutting during the season. Now the different types are

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